Sales Process
Who is your ideal customer?

Most of our customers are Canadian small business corporation’s with annual sales between $500,000 and $5 million. We also specialize in non-profit organizations, however, don’t currently offer services to Sole Proprietors or Partnerships.

Do you have different bookkeeping packages to choose from?

Yes, we will provide a few package options customized to your specific situation to choose from.

How do you charge for bookkeeping work?

We provide flat-fee pricing on a monthly basis. Our experience with hourly billings has always left a bad taste in our mouth. We like to quote an up-front flat-fee so that our customers know what they are being charged and exactly what to expect. This creates a healthy professional working relationship.

How do I get a price?

The below link will start the process of providing us with the information we require and confirming whether you are a good fit for Bookkeeping Fusion. The Dynamic Quote Request Form will take just a few minutes to complete and will provide the majority of information required to complete the customized bookkeeping packages for your business.

General Information
Can you complete my Personal Tax Return?

We do not offer personal tax filing services at this time.

Do you work with sole proprietorships or partnerships?

At this time we are not taking any clients who operate businesses as Sole Proprietors or Partnerships. We specialize in small to medium sized businesses that are incorporated.

Do you want cheque signing authority to pay my bills?

Fusion will not be authorized to pay any of your bills. Our customers all pay their own bills and Fusion is responsible for recording the payments and reporting on them. We will not have any authority to make business transactions for you, only report on them.

Will you have access to my bank accounts?

Best practice to reduce fraud is requiring that employees with bank access do not also have bookkeeping access. This is called ‘segregation of duties’ and is a key ‘internal control’ that reduces an organization’s risk of fraud. Since Bookkeeping Fusion will have access to the bookkeeping, it is our requirement that we do not also have full bank access.

Will you need an office at my business location?

As a virtual bookkeeping company, we work remotely and will not complete any bookkeeping work at your place of business.

Contact Agreement
Can you give me a ballpark price?

Every organization is different and we need to take the time to provide an accurate price to foster a healthy long-term relationship. Our minimum package pricing starts around $300/month.

Who owns the bookkeeping records for my business?

We are privileged to be entrusted with your bookkeeping, however, it is always your bookkeeping and you will have direct access to it. We will never hold your bookkeeping records hostage.

Do we have to commit to work with Fusion for a period of time?

While we strive to develop strong working relationships and hope to work with our customers for decades, we don’t force anyone to work with us. If you decide not to continue with our services, just give us two weeks’ notice to cancel the bookkeeping agreement.

Bookkeeping Process
Do you provide Catch-Up bookkeeping services?

Yes, we specialize in cleaning up prior years bookkeeping and often at a discounted rate.

If we decide to switch bookkeeping systems, will you help us transition?

Yes, many of our customers have switched system to take advantage of different features and to help them grow as a business.

Do you offer payroll services?

We currently do not offer payroll services, however, we can help you with the transition to one of many reputable online payroll providers.

How do we provide you with bills, receipts, statements, etc.

We use a tool called Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) to collect all of your documentation and include it in the bookkeeping program. This can be completed using a few different methods such as forwarding emails of attached documents and taking pictures of receipts/documents using a smartphone app.

Do you keep track of our CRA filings and payment deadlines?

Yes, as part of our services, we file your organization’s GST/HST returns and inform you of payment deadlines. We can also review your Payroll, PST, and Corporate tax accounts to notify you of any issues or outstanding payments.

How frequently will you update our bookkeeping?

We specialize in batch processing your bookkeeping on either a monthly or weekly basis. This means that at the end of each week or month when we receive everything required, we will complete the bookkeeping. At the end of each month we complete the bank reconciliations before providing you with monthly reports.

Management Reports
Can you help with preparing and tracking budgets?

Yes, we can help with budgeting and produce variance analysis reporting. Many of our small business customers and non-profit organizations appreciate these financial reports to insure proper management of the organizations finances.

Do you report on different Segments, Divisions, Classes, or Locations?

Yes, we can customize your bookkeeping system to report information in a variety of ways. Many of our customers have multiple divisions or business locations that we can track separately.

Can you help with Job Costing?

Many of our customers quote by project and it is important to track the profitability of each project to insure profitability and provide valuable feedback for pricing future jobs. Ask us how to track Projects and supercharge your Job Costing confidence.

What customized management reports can you provide?

After gaining a strong understanding of your organizations goals and objectives, we can put together custom reports that tracks Key Performance Indicators, Financial Projections, and Cash Flow Forecasting prepared in a professional reporting package.

What standard reports do you provide?

On a monthly basis we generally provide a basic Profit & Loss statement to see how well your business has performed. In addition to this basic report various other reports are accessible through access to your cloud bookkeeping system.

Next Steps
How do I get more information?

Complete our Dynamic Quote Request Form to begin the process of receiving a set of customized bookkeeping packages for your business.

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